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About Us

Introduction of Latif Pte. Ltd.

  1. Key Business Activities, Products & Services Offered
    Latif Pte. Ltd. is a local wholesaler and retailer of fashion and lifestyle accessories. Primarily, it deals with the trading of lifestyle products such as Healthy Concept Family Shoe, handbag, sling bag, shoulder bag, pouch, wallets, belt and backpack. Beside carrying popular brand “Dr.Kong”, it also offers a range of house-brand products marketed under the “LATIF” brand. The team in Latif dictates the design and specification for these products, which are later manufactured by outsourced vendors in China.

  2. Description of Company
    We specialize in this industry since 2002 and revamped in 2014. It is a local company that employs 20 staffs who are deployed in various departments including: product design & customization, sourcing, procurement, sales & marketing and transportation & logistics. We operate a healthy and profitable business. The strong performance is mainly attributed to (i) greater economy of scale in business operation and (ii) strong demand for its trendy and yet attractively priced products.

  3. Extent of Operation
    We operate from its office located at Frontier which has a chain of 6 retail outlets which operating under “Bagzx” and “Dr.Kong” brands. These 6 outlets are located in different parts of Singapore at OneKM Mall, Changi City Point, Hougang Mall, City Square Mall and JEM.

  4. Customer Base
    We serve numerous groups of commercial customers. Some of our major customer group are departmental stores and hyper-marts such as Kiddy Palace, Popular Book Store and Metro. Currently, it also supplies to 140 Primary and Secondary schools island wide. We also customized bags to a lot of corporate customers with their own company logo. The core concept of “Latif” brand is one that exudes youth and trendy (e.g. products are predominantly in bright colours). Hence target customers are students and youngsters who believe in expressing their vibrant and dynamic self through the bags they carry to school and gatherings with friends. The sporty and the adventurous group, who are seeking for rugged gears to cater to their active & outdoor needs, also contribute significantly to our sales. Under our 3 “Dr.Kong” outlets, majority of our customer base is patronized by families. In addition, we work closely with Orthopedics to provide healthy products to our valued customers.